Great question! CBD and Hemp Oil are taking America by storm. Everywhere you turn you see hemp products being sold and advertised. Both humans and animals have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This amazing system governs our body by modulating our major systems (Nervous, Circulatory, Endocrine etc.)  and works to promote and maintain a sense of overall well being called homeostasis. It is through this system that CBD and the other Cannabinoids are able to perform their magic. Although humans and animals have had an ECS for millions of years it wasn’t discovered until the 1990’s. The majority of the health industry has yet to be properly educated on this critically important system  and many of the current medical and health textbooks are not including information about it so you may be left to do much of the research on your own for now. This industry is constantly growing and evolving so eventually all the Doctors and Veterinarians will get the training necessary to add Hemp Oil as an option for treating their patients.

More and more people are learning about the wonderful benefits of CBD and Hemp Oil  and are taking it daily as a supplement or taking it for a specific medical reason. It is wonderful that there is so much publicity, excitement and interest surrounding CBD and it’s a long list of scientifically proven benefits. Many people are turning to Hemp Oil for themselves and their pets to reach the desired health goals naturally, without all the unpleasant side effects that other options may offer. The downside of all this CBD information is it has created an environment where there is so much confusion and so many questions and worst of all fraudulent products that can lack any healthy ingredients and worst of all can be unhealthy to yourself or your pet.

Good news…. The research and science show that animals like humans, benefit from CBD in multiple ways by multiple mechanisms. So YES,  it may be a great idea to start your fur baby on a daily CBD supplement regimen or to use it to heal their body from a specific sickness or disease.   Remember the way CBD works for your pet is that it interacts with a system that is already in place and that is vitally important in maintaining optimal health. This System is called the Endocannabinoid System. CBD can impact your pet’s Endocannabinoid tone therefore improving the overall quality of life.

Possible Benefits for your Pets

When your pet takes CBD it works by interacting with the ECS. CBD is a powerful antioxidant & anti inflammatory. It can be used as a preventative treatment, or to treat illness and disease.

Along with a healthy diet and exercise Hemp Oil could be the perfect addition for overall well being.

Keep in mind that CBD is not addictive and is one of many Cannabinoids found in the Hemp Plant. CBC & CBN are a few other less popular cannabinoids. A Cannabinoid is any compound that interacts with the human ECS. They can come from three different sources – plants (Phytocannabinoids), made in the body (Endocannabinoids) or the lab (synthetic Cannabinoids). CBD doesn’t get you high like another more popular Cannabinoid called THC. CBD is strictly used for medicinal purposes.

Before you purchase your pet CBD products talk to your Vet about the benefits and any possible negatives. Also it is important to know if you dog is allergic to any of the ingredients in the CBD products.

As mentioned earlier most Veterinarians haven’t studied the Endocannabinoid system and how it relates to animals so you may need to find one that is open to holistic approaches.

Recommendations for choosing the right CBD product

So now you’re excited to get your four legged friend some quality CBD but are overwhelmed by the options. I would stick to the basics. These items should be displayed on the label or box of your pet’s Hemp Oil Product.

USA Made –  There are many quality CBD companies in other countries but there are plenty of  hemp farms domestically that adhere to the highest farming standards and practices and follow the strictest quality control measures, where the Hemp Plant is grown in the most natural way and is GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free.

Ingredients Matter –  Purchase only products that list the ingredients on the box or label. If you can’t find it buy a different brand. Just because the product has CBD in it doesn’t automatically make it healthy. It may be loaded with Sugar, toxic chemicals, gluten and other harmful ingredients that could cause negative effects. Just because you don’t know or have never seen an ingredient on the label before doesn’t automatically make it bad. Do a quick google search to confirm it’s something you would want to give to your pet. The goal of introducing Hemp Oil to your pet is to improve the quality of life, so please take a few minutes to look at and be comfortable with the ingredients.

Third Party Lab Tested – The top CBD brands are proud of the ingredients and processes they use in formulating and manufacturing their human and pet CBD products and will offer you proof! ONLY purchase CBD products for your pet that have been Third Party Lab Tested. Although CBD products with trace amounts of THC (.03 or less) are legal in the US they are not regulated by the FDA so you need to know what’s on the label is actually what you’re pet is getting. The Hemp Oil pet product will have information on the label of the box or product on how you can access these lab reports in the form of a link or a QR barcode you can take a picture of that will route you to the lab reports. Many consumers are swindled out of their money from purchasing mislabeled Hemp Oil products.

This third party lab report will show you the Potency (ensuring what’s on the label is in the bottle or jar) Equally important, these lab reports will show you all the harmful ingredients they test for including but not limited to microbial (E. coli, yeast, mold), heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium) and pesticides. You do not want your furry babies ingested these harmful ingredients. The Hemp Oil companies with the highest standards test their products internally and also use Third Party Testing. These companies tend to care about Quality ingredients and delivering a premium grade product.

Extraction  – This describes the method for which Hemp Oil is being extracted from the plant. Some extraction processes are less desirable because they use harsh chemicals. I recommend Hemp Oil products that use the supercritical CO2, a commonly used method of extraction. This makes sure that many of hemp’s beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are preserved in the process. The result? The highest quality broad spectrum hemp oil available plant.

Broad Spectrum

The three main classifications of CBD products are:

1. Isolates – Contains only CBD

2. Broad Spectrum – Contains CBD and all other Cannabinoids with one exception, NO THC. It also contains Terpenes and Flavonoids.

3. Full Spectrum – Contains all Cannabinoids including THC, Terpenes and Flavonoids.

For animals I recommend Broad Spectrum.

Broad Spectrum allows your pet to get the benefit of the entourage effect (all the healthy ingredients working together to produce a more desirable outcome)  without the THC. Studies show at certain levels THC can be toxic to animals. CBD products can legally have trace amounts of THC (.03 or less) in the products. At this small level there should be no issues but I prefer not to take any chances.

Serving Size – It is important to give your pet the correct serving size. Finding this sweet spot will ensure you give your pet the optimal amount to reap all the benefits. Giving to little or too much Hemp Oil may produce less than desired effects. The product box or label needs to give the recommended serving size. It’s usually based on your pet’s weight. I always recommend titration, weather we are dealing with a human or animal. Titration is a medical term meaning giving small amounts and increasing the serving size over time to get the desired results.

How your pet can take the Hemp Oil

There are hundreds of different Hemp Oil Products. Depending on your pet you may choose Hemp Oil Treats or you can opt to use a Hemp oil tincture that can be used directly in the pets mouth or food, a capsule you can put in their food, for skin issues a cream or salve would be preferred.

To recap:  Quality Hemp Oil is great to give to you fur baby. Hemp Oil can help your pet in many ways. Our pets are family also so we want them to live a long healthy life. Make sure you purchase Hemp Oil products with safety in mind. Pet products should be third party lab tested, American made, farmed according to the highest standards and practices, CO2 Extracted, non GMO, high quality ingredients and make sure it’s Veterinarian formulated. I prefer THC free products for my dog. Make sure to always first speak to your Veterinarian before starting your pet on a CBD product and keep in mind these products are not regulated by the FDA so taking a little time on the front end researching what your buying will make sure you give you loving animal the best ingredients possible!

When your pet starts a Hemp Oil regimen it may be a good idea to keep a journal to monitor your pet’s progress and make any necessary changes.


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